Reaching travel customers around the world or the business traveller in an ever-changing, competitive online space, is an ongoing challenge for small accommodation providers. That is where we come in.

Hotel & Tourism by Adflare is an all-in-one accommodation management solution, designed for hotels and tourism bodies to help with inventory management as well as Sales and Marketing. We focus on helping hospitality business owners and managers compete with larger organisations with the aim to save time and resources and deliver results to the bottom line.

We aim to help your run your property more efficiently, taking care of the admin so that you can spend more time on the things you love! You will have an experienced team across multiple areas working with you to make your business a success.

Working with Hotels and Tourism has been a long journey for Nicky Govender. Starting Hotels & Tourism by Adflare is the opportunity and dream that she has been looking for.

Nicky has been described as fun, caring, passionate, hard-working, fearless, creative, customer focused, refreshing, motivating and driven by her peers and friends. Her focused approach with working with hotels and tourism bodies is the perfect place for Nicky to share here knowledge and skills.

“Nicky was a fantastic boss who has inspired me to achieve my workplace and professional goals. Her positive energy is contagious and she brings the best in everyone she meets. Her eye to detail and professional delivery is extremely impeccable. She is top of the game in marketing any product to feature its best qualities and reach the desired market with lasting impact. She is well regarded  with over 25 years experience in sales and marketing within the Hospitality industry. Since starting her business she has grown in company size and clients through her amazing brilliance in offering them the best and bespoke marketing solution. It was an honour to have worked under such a dynamic individual” – Arun, The Hotel Network